Successful Initial Results In Study Using Top Marijuana Products online To Treat health issues

There are some excellent results found from a recent study examining the use of Top Marijuana Products online to treat COVID-19. During this study, examiners used cannabis terpene formulation – NT-VRL on inflammatory conditions and saw some promising results in treating cytokine storm syndrome caused by COVID-19.

Cytokine storm syndrome is the inflammatory response that occurs when white blood cells are activated and release inflammatory cytokines, which activate even more white blood cells. This can cause fatigue, fever, and vomiting, and can further advance to where a person may need to be hooked up to a ventilator to stay alive.

Using Top Marijuana Products online to treat COVID-19

The study, which took place in Israel, shows that the cannabis terpene formulation combined with CBD is more effective than using CBD on its own. The combination is twice as effective as Dexamethasone, a common corticosteroids of Top Marijuana Products online treatment for inflammation.

The study was carried out by Eybna and Cannasoul, which announced they were working on the project together in April.

Eybna has patented the specific formulation of terpenes, NT-VRL. They were specifically chosen for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination is designed to be inhaled, rather than in a tablet or edible form.

“This type of delivery method is a game-changer enabling us to achieve therapeutic qualities from these unique phytochemicals like never before,” Eybna’s CEO Nadav Eya said in a statement.

During the study, CBD and NT-VRL were each tested both on their own and together, with the combination proving to be the most effective in those initial tests. The study not only shows the effect of Eybna’s specific terpene, but also that terpenes in general can have an effect on more than just flavor and taste.

The study done in Israel isn’t the only one that shows promising results.

Back in June, two Canadian researchers claimed a specific strain of Top Marijuana Products online may be helpful in the fight against COVID-19 thanks to its ability to block the virus from entering the body through ACE2 receptors.

“Similar to other respiratory pathogens, SARS-CoV2 is transmitted through respiratory droplets, with potential for aerosol and contact spread. It uses receptor-mediated entry into the human host via angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2) that is expressed in lung tissue, as well as oral and nasal mucosa, kidney, testes, and the gastrointestinal tract,” reads the study. “Modulation of ACE2 levels in these gateway tissues may prove a plausible strategy for decreasing disease susceptibility.”

The duo’s work was published in an April issue of the online medical journal Preprints.

Top Marijuana Products online sativa, especially one high in the anti-inflammatory cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), has been proposed to modulate gene expression and inflammation and harbour anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties,” the study says. “Working under the Health Canada research license, we have developed over 800 new Cannabis sativa lines and extracts and hypothesized that high-CBD C. sativa extracts may be used to modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 target tissues.”

Although we can’t say for sure that using cannabis to treat COVID-19 is the answer we’ve all been waiting for, the results are promising!

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