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420 World Strains Dispensary
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 45 reviews
 by lesly

from Georgia I’ve been going here basically everyday since I found them on instagram. Best buds. Best concentrates. And the bud tenders are wicked amazing. Everyone should get in on the no til revolution. 💕

 by cloud

from virginia i love the discreet delivery service of this store I recommend this dispensary because the flower taste clean , visible trichomes, strong sweet smell, cured right, nice crunch and stickyness when pinched, I'm a heavy smoker and one bowle is good enough to get me high, good customer service, not alot of different product but the high is great!

 by Tyson

from Ohio packages are well sealed I have been shopping here for 2 years now. I can say look no further for your cannabis. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. The way they grow is natural and beautiful. I think alot of places in town could learn a thing or two from 420worldstrainsdispensary example and no till organics. I have never been disappointed by there bud. It is always smelly, colorful and at the perfect consistency. I have never had smoother weed in my life with this much flavor. I would recommend there golden goat and longs peak blue. I have alot of love and respect for the guys and girls at420worldstrainsdispensary. Keep up the fantastic job.

 by Rafael

Chronic arthritis and insomnia have plagued me for decades. In addition, 2 joint replacement surgeries last year resulted in even more pain and sleeplessness. Although offered [a nonbenzodiazepine sleep medication] by my doctor, I hated taking it due to the side effects, let alone the threat of addition to this dangerous drug. Thanks to a medical marijuana prescription, I have achieved a consistent sleep pattern and pain management, without the risk of traditional medications. This should be an option for Americans in every state, and not held up due to lobbyists for large pharmaceuticals. I'm convinced there is no better, AND SAFER, option for me to live a comfortable and pain free life.

 by christ b

from Arizona I have been smoking a lot of other dispensaries weed and I have not been getting the effects I need to treat the alments I have that being said I've been on a mission to find better quality cannabis this is definitely the place my mood feels better my body feels better and the quality of my medicine is better

 by Emmanuell

These guys have the SMELLIEST, DANKEST bud in Colorado Springs! Super smooth and always the best, exotic strains. These guys are woke AF! I model my garden after their methods and will only purchase from these fine people when I’m in between harvests. Otherwise I do not buy from dispensaries! Quality Quality QUALITY!!!!

 by mary

The dispensary I’ve used for the last couple years was bought by someone else and the last 4 cartridges I got from them were disgusting! I had to find a new caregiver. THANK you
420worldstrainsdispensary! The cartridges are made with their organic flower and manufactured by Golden Barn. The best tasting and longest lasting cartridges I’ve ever had! Great staff that are friendly and knowledgeable. I’m glad I was forced to find a new caregiver as Good Weed has, IMO, the best cartridges in Colorado Springs and fantastic tincture products and more!

 by william

This is the only 5 star review I have given, when you have the very best - it’s worthy of appropriate praise. As a first time patient to this establishment, I had mostly given up on finding good quality tasty sticky medicinal cannabis in the springs when I finally visited 420worldstrainsdispensary. I should have visited before now, more disparate people have directed me toward this place than any other. The medicine is extremely sticky - tasty - all because of their no-till growing methods with “glass jar” curing. They had 3 strains to choose from - I got some of all three and I’m floored at the quality. Visit good weed and enjoy the best cannabis Colorado Springs has to offer.

 by Daniel

from new zealand This store is the only store you get the cleanest bud you will ever smoke. I have been coming here for a couple years and the quality has always beed amazing! The staff are fricking awesome!! I am big on customer service Good Weed definitely has the best in the business running that place. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and try it. You will never go to another dispensary again. You'll see 😎🤘🏻

 by lanita

Since beginning Medical Marijuana my life has improved so very much!
from tasmania Australia It has lessened my pain and my anxiety/panic attacks have virtually disappeared! Also, it used to take me 2-3 hours at night to fall asleep because my mind would just be on overload... now I can take a couple of hits with my vapor pen and actually RELAX enough to fall asleep within 30-45 minutes... BIG CHANGE for me in that area! I take a very LOW dose with only 1% took a couple of tries to get my "cocktail" right as I absolutely HATED that paranoia feeling but with the low dose of the THC I would recommend MM to anyone with severe pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea, you name it, it HELPS. If you can relax your body and mind that helps a tremendous amount with virtually anything that impairs your life. Dr. Dorn is a very caring and personable man... you are not just another person on paper to him. He genuinely cares about his patients and his office staff are quick and efficient. No matter how you feel about "pot" the Medical Marijuana is not a "high" it helps with everything!

we are very happy to hear that lanita

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